Advise the Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, and Commandant of the Marine Corps on issues of cost and economic analysis policy.

Support and provide data analytics to accelerate Financial Management Transformation.

Lead the Department of the Navy cost community on issues of cost policy and policy implementation.

  • Prescribe policies, procedures and standards for the conduct of cost estimation, cost analysis, and economic analysis and for reporting cost estimates and comparisons to the budget
  • Develop, maintain, and distribute Department of the Navy inflation policy and factors

Review and approve proposed Cost and Software Data Reporting plans and contractor-submitted cost reports for Department submission to Office of the Secretary of Defense Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation.

Conduct economic analysis and special studies to support Naval decision makers.

Increase capability and efficiency of the Naval cost estimating community by providing cost tools, models, and the Collaborative Cost Research Library.

Manage the implementation and operation of the Naval Visibility and Management of Operating and Support Costs (VAMOSC) Program.