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Currently, there are no OSCAM Training Courses scheduled. Please check back frequently for updates.

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What Is OSCAM?

The Operating and Support Cost Analysis Model (OSCAM) began as a joint program in 1996 between the US and UK aimed at developing a model that estimated the operating and support costs of Ships and Shipboard Systems and captured the interdependencies that exist between the cost elements across the program. Using System Dynamics, OSCAM represents the business processes that drive costs and their relationships to management policies in order to assess the impact of technical, operational, and programmatic decisions on the cost and availability of these assets. Since the inception of OSCAM, there have been subsequent product developments that not only enhanced the Ship and Shipboard Systems model, but established new product lines encompassing both Land and Air Vehicles. 

OSCAM Navy Updates

Change of E-mail address for OSCAM unlock codes

US Navy OSCAM support is now provided by Decision Analysis Services Ltd. Please contact for OSCAM unlock codes and technical support.

OSCAM model and dataset downloads

All OSCAM model and dataset downloads now require a CAC card as well as the username and passowrds provided at OSCAM training. Registered OSCAM users without a CAC card should see the instructions on the relevant downloads page.

December 2017

OSCAM Ship v8.4 is available for download. The update includes a combined Simulation/DMT/PCT application, the ability to enter year and month for ship introductions, and an expansion of the Uncertainty Tool to allow: selection of annual profile tables and Throughputs, the ability to define correlation between uncertainty inputs, the ability to view and export uncertainty input sample data and expanded options for exporting uncertainty results. Optimization of the simulation model calculations menas that most uncertainty analysis can be completed much quicker than in earlier OSCAM models. OSCAM Ship v8.4 also includes an update of the PCT CER database to include FY16 historical data. An OSCAM Ship Import/Export Tool allows importing, editing and export of OSCAM data using a Microsoft Excel workbook. See the overview of OSCAM Ship v8.4 features for more details.

June 2017

OSCAM Air v4.1 is available for download. This features a user interface refresh, CAPE 2014 O&S cost output structure, complete re-design for the Load and Save Wizards, and a Legacy Aircraft Mode to support costing to end of life for aircraft programs that are already in service. See the overview of new features in OSCAM Air v4.1.

March 2017

OSCAM FY18 updates are available for OSCAM Sys v7.0.  Click on the link for the downloads page.