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OSCAM Sys v7 Downloads

OSCAM Sys and associated datasets are only available to authorized users that have taken OSCAM Ship training. OSCAM Sys is only for use by US government employees and sponsored contractors working on US government programs.

To download OSCAM Sys you will require a username and password. You will also need a  password for the zip file. These are all provided upon completion of the OSCAM Ship training course. You will also need to be using a CAC card to access the files.

Authorized OSCAM Sys users without a CAC card will need to contact the OSCAM Program Office to request files.  You will need to provide details of your government sponsor. Please contact .

Follow the steps below to download the model and data.

Step 1: Complete OSCAM Ship Training

Training courses are held periodically at Washington Navy Yard, and offer a comprehensive overview of OSCAM Ship, the Parametric Costing Tool and the Data Management Tool. It also includes an introduction to OSCAM Sys. The course covers the methodology used in developing the model, advice on sourcing data and extensive hand-on experience in using the tools.

If you are interested in attending an OSCAM Ship training course, please complete one of our training registration forms. Once processed, we will contact you to confirm the date of the next course. Training is limited to those either employed by the US government, or contractors sponsored by the US government.

Register for Training

If you have already taken the training and are a Registered User, go to Step 2 below.

Step 2: Download OSCAM Sys v7

Once you have a username and password, click below to download OSCAM Sys v7, which will be in the form of a password protected zip file. The files can be unzipped and used directly without needing to be installed. The files can also be copied onto a CD and run directly from the CD.

Download OSCAM Sys v7 Runtime Updated March 2017

Note that some PCs will not allow .CHM help files to be run when they have been downloaded from the internet. If this occurs you will see the contents structure in the left pane but will see a "Navigation to the webpage was cancelled" in the right pane. See Unblocking CHM Files for help on resolving this.

Step 3: Download Historical Datasets

The OSCAM Sys Historic Databases (derived from VAMOSC data) may be downloaded in zip file format. When the password protected zip file has been downloaded, extract the contents of the zip file to your hard disk into an appropriate directory.

Download OSCAM Sys v7 FY10 VAMOSC Datasets Updated February 2011

User Guides

The updated OSCAM Sys Data Reference and Historical Dataset Guide can be downloaded in PDF format. The guide contains information on the different inputs to the model and insight into how the datasets are produced. Updates reflect changes in methodology utilized in developing the FY10 Datasets.

OSCAM Sys FY10 Historical Databases Guide PDF